About the Library

Mission Statement
The Danville Public Library empowers and engages our community through access to free resources and services that enable creative thinking and lifelong learning.

Vision Statement The Danville Public Library aspires to strengthen the community we serve by providing valued customer service, resources and positive experiences that will facilitate continuous learning, enjoyment of reading, and the creation of new ideas. 

Guiding Principles
  • Increased collaboration with local organizations to broaden our reach in the community.
  • Practical and efficient stewardship of library resources.
  • Lifelong learning and creativity.
  • A well rounded and trained staff.

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

Goal 1: Become recognized as having useful and vital programming and services that meet the community's needs.

Objective 1: The Library will set criteria and benchmarks which will be used in making decisions about program topics, speakers, and needed resources.
  • Action Step A - Supervisors with input from the Library Director will create programming guidelines and presenter criteria with schedule and deadlines by December 1, 2016. The new guidelines will be presented in print and gone over during the December staff meeting.
  • Action Step B - The new programming guidelines will be implemented by January 1, 2017.  Additional specific training will be provided by the supervisors and director for all staff members involved in planning or carrying out programs.  All programmers will need to have gone through the training before scheduling the next cycle of programs which includes the Spring Season (March, April, May 2017).
  • Action Step C - The director will establish a regularly meeting Programming Committee that consists of a chair that rotates between Children's and Adult programming supervisors by January 1, 2017.  The first meeting will be scheduled for a date in either January or February of 2017
Objective 2: Develop programs that enhance the personal, financial, and social well-being of people in the community.
  • Action Step A - Programming Committee will evaluate all programs to gain a better understanding of what programs are being well-received and what can be eliminated starting July 1, 2017
  • Action Step B - Programmers will partner, whenever possible, with Parks and Recreation staff to coordinated scheduling of events and programming themes starting March 2017.  
  • Action Step C - Library Supervisors will begin planning Summer Reading Program incentives, themes, and events by November or December of each year starting November/December 2017

Goal 2: Organize staff, space, and collections to maximize opportunities for meeting the identified, evolving study and quiet reading needs and wants of the community.

Objective 1: Reorganize the collections to make it easier for locating items and increase browsability by October 2016.  
  • Action Step A - The Collection Development team will complete the current collection purge by August 2016.
  • Action Step B - The Collection Development team will integrate the adult romance, western, and mystery sections with the fiction collection by  July 2016.
  • Action Step C - The Collection Development Team will create an annual dynamic weeding schedule by August 2016.
  • Action Step D - The Library Director and Supervisors will conduct training on collection development and weeding by September 2016.
Objective 2: Increase comfortable spaces for reading, working, and relaxing.
  • Action Step A - Supervisors will conduct research at a variety of libraries and present ideas to be used in the floor plan by September 2016.
  • Action Step B - The Library Director with input from the Supervisors and staff will create a new first-floor plan by October 2016.
  • Action Step C - The entire staff will participate in implementing and completing a plan for the first floor by January 2018.
  • Action Step D - The Children's team will create additional seating in the J Fiction/ NonFiction area by January 2017.
  • Action Step E - The Children's staff will restructure the Picture Book and Board Book collections. January 2017

Goal 3: Increase use of the Library services through broadened outreach and marketing.

Objective 1: Form an outreach team focused on visiting locations within the community where services and programs would make the most impact.
  • Action Step A - Director and Supervisors will establish contacts with an emphasis on educators, local business owners, and other well-regarded people in the community for the purpose of disseminating information, collaboration of programming, and scheduling of visits.  Begin by July 2017. 
  • Action Step B - Director and Supervisors will create outreach guidelines and establish an outreach calendar by July 1, 2018.
Objective 2:  Increase community awareness and engagement with library programs, resources, and collections.
  • Action Step A - Library Director and Supervisors will form a marketing team to create clear guidelines, establish who our current customers are, plan and execute semimonthly promotional events by July 1, 2018.
  • Action Step B - Marketing team will establish through polling, surveys, and focus groups which audiences to begin to focusing our attention.  
  • Action Step C - Marketing team will redesign the quarterly "Bookmark" newsletter and add a monthly email newsletter.
  • Action Step D - Begin utilizing new Parks and Recreation management system (Rec 1) to schedule programs and register participants by September 2016.     
Objective 3: Restructure the hours of operation of both the Main Library and Branch to simplify them and better serve the public.   

  • Action Step A - The Library Director will evaluate how to change the hours without adding many additional hours by December 2016.
  • Action Step B - Implement changes to the hours of operation by January 2017.  

Goal 4: Develop and empower staff to create a culture of customer service that ensures positive experiences.

Objective 1: Library staff will be knowledgeable and have the skills to meet the library service needs of the community.  Revised expectations will be used as part of personnel development and evaluations starting July 2017.
  • Action Step A - Management Team will set competency levels for Full and Part-time positions by July 2017.
  • Action Step B - Full-time staff will be required to complete 17 training, and Part-time will complete 12 training sessions yearly beginning July 2017.
  • Action Step C - Management Team will present at least six in-house training and a staff development day annually.
Objective 2: There will be consistency throughout the Library as to how policies and procedures are to be followed and interpreted.
  • Action Step A - Management Team will develop a procedural manual and customer service guide by January 2018.
  • Action Step B - Management Team will create a system for recognizing staff who exhibit the desired level of customer service and teamwork by January 2018.
  • Action Step C - All employees will participate in ongoing cross-training that includes being trained to work in other areas of the Library beginning September 2016.

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The Danville Public Library is a division of the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Danville, VA.